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2.1These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter"GTC") define the terms and conditions under which any person (hereinafter"the Customer") orders and purchases the products sold by the company Salon de Thé O'Coup d 'Coeur (hereinafter “the O'Coup d'Coeur Tea Room”), as part of a distance selling system on the Internet, for goods defined in the sales catalog of the websites (hereinafter “The Site”) of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur.

3.1These GTCS are brought to the attention of the Customer to enable him to place an order.

3.2The fact that the Customer completes an order on the Site and confirms the order constitutes full acceptance of these GTCS, which will be the only ones applicable to the following contract.

3.3the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur reserves the right to modify in whole or in part and at any time these GTCS

4.1The products offered to the Customer are those which appear in the catalog published on the Site within the limits of available stocks and subject to the proper functioning of the Site.

4.2Each product is presented with a photograph and a description drawn up by the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'CoeurThe descriptions are intended to present to the Customer the essential characteristics of the products before the final order is taken and can in no way engage the responsibility of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur.The photographs of the products are provided for information only and are not contractual.

5.1Taking an order on the Site involves opening a Customer Account by entering two identifiers:an e-mail address and a password.These identifiers are and must be kept confidentialThe right of access by the Customer to the identifiers can be made on simple request to the Internet Customer Service of the Salon de Thé O'Coup D'Coeur, which will only respond by e-mail to the address used during the creation. of the Customer Account.

5.2To place an order, the Customer undertakes to complete the constituent elements of his order with precision and rigor.As such, he undertakes to complete the various sections necessary for the proper processing of his order:
- Choice of product (s)
- Choice of billing address
- Choice of delivery address (for home delivery or courier delivery)
- Choice of delivery date
- Choice of payment method
- Verification and validation of the order and the General Conditions of Sale
- Payment of the order under the conditions provided

5.3the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur will confirm the order and its payment:
- On the Site following payment
- By email, to the email address indicated by the Customer

5.4Modify an Internet order
For any order modification (billing address, delivery address, delivery date or content of the order), the Customer must contact Internet Customer Service no later than 2 working days before the desired delivery date (3 working days). for international deliveries)By or by phone:05 96 69 70 32

In the event of modification or cancellation of the order, a credit note of the corresponding amount will be sent by e-mail to the Customer until the day before the sending or withdrawal.Indeed, if a pastry is ordered, no refund can take place once it has been produced following an order.

The Internet Customer Service can be reached from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

5.5the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur reserves the right to refuse an order in the event of the customer failing to fulfill one of its obligations, and more generally, to refuse any order presenting an abnormal or incomplete character for any reason. it would beThe order is only final after confirmation by Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeurthe Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur will confirm to the customer the acceptance of his order by email or, where applicable, his refusal within 48 working hours following the entry of his order on the Internet.

6.1Payment for products is made by Paypal, or VISA or MASTERCARD bank card, or by AMERICAN EXPRESS card, online from the Site, through the secure payment system of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur banking establishmentThe validation of payment by credit card is immediate.

6.2To be registered, the order must be paid in fullUnpaid orders cannot be processed.

7.1the Salon de Thé O'Coup D'Coeur, via its host LWS, stores purchase orders and invoices in its computer system and under reasonable security conditions.

7.2Consequently, the computerized registers of LWS constitute a reliable and durable support which can be produced as proof.

In accordance with the legislation in force, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts relating to the supply of the following products:
(I) goods made to consumer specifications or clearly personalized:this concerns in particular orders for pyramids of macaroons, stacked desserts, rectangular desserts, birthday cakes, cascadines, central feet, pyramids of cabbage, logs, macaron boxes;
(II) fresh products, products liable to deteriorate or expire quickly such as macaroons, chocolates, pastries, pastries, dry ovens, cakes, waffles, confectionery, spreads, jams, ice creams and sorbets, drinks;
(III) goods unsealed by the Customer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection.

For other products, the Customer has a period of fourteen (14) days from receipt of the product to exercise their right of withdrawal from the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur, without having to justify any reasons. nor to pay a penalty, at the end of an exchange (subject to availability) or refundIf this period expires on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday, it is extended until the next working day.

The right of withdrawal can be exercised on plain paper or using the withdrawal form (Annex 1 of these GTC)If this form is transmitted online via the website, an acknowledgment of receipt on a durable medium will be immediately communicated to the Client by the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur.

The products must be returned within fourteen (14) days following notification to the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur of the Customer's decision to withdraw, accompanied by the purchase invoice in their original packaging and in perfect condition. condition allowing their new marketing in new conditionDamaged, soiled or incomplete products will not be taken back.

Returns must be sent to the following address:Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur - Internet Customer Service Village de la Poterie 97229 Les Trois Ilets

In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal within the aforementioned period, only the price of the product (s) purchased and the delivery costs will be reimbursed; the return costs remaining the responsibility of the Customer.

The exchange (subject to availability) or reimbursement will be made within fourteen (14) days of receipt by the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur of the products returned by the Customer under the conditions of this article.

Annex 1 Withdrawal form
(Please complete and return this form only if you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal)
For the attention of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur,
- Hereby, I/We (*) notify you/notify (*) my/our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the sale of the following (*) product (s):
- ordered on (*)/received on (*),
- Client name,
- Customer's address,
- Client's signature (only if this form is sent in paper format),
- Date
(*) Delete the unnecessary mention

9.1The products sold on the Site are offered within the limit of available stocks.A product that has become unavailable will be removed from the catalog of products available for remote sale as soon as possible.

9.2However, in the event of a shortage of stock, the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur will contact the Customer by telephone or e-mail as soon as possible in order to agree with him:• to postpone the delivery pending replenishment of this product, when possible • to replace the product with another equivalent in quality and price

9.3Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur products are handcrafted and available in limited quantities.For all intents and purposes, it is important to note that orders placed during the holiday season (end of year holidays in particular) may entail greater risks of out of stock compared to those made during other periods of the year. .

10.1The prices indicated on the purchase orders and invoices are in Euros including all taxes, from the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur laboratory.

10.2Delivery costs are billed in addition to the price of the goodsDelivery rates depend on the delivery method chosen (home delivery or courier delivery), as well as the geographic area, weight and volume of the package.

11.1Home shipments are made in the French department of Martinique which does not include for the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur:[municipalities] within the time limits indicated when the Customer places the order by courier.

11.2The Customer is responsible for information relating to the name and address of the recipientThese information must be precise, exact, and complete (in particular door code and floor) to allow delivery under normal conditions.For delivery by courier, the recipient is responsible for the information given in particular door code and floor as well as his phone number.If the courier is unable to contact the customer, the latter cannot claim reimbursement of delivery costs.

11.3The Salon de Thé OO'Coup d'Coeur can in no way be held responsible for a return delivery due to an address error or an inability to deliver to the address indicated.

11.4In the event that a delivery address is incomplete or imprecise, Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur reserves the right to contact the recipient directly by telephone, in order to complete with him the missing delivery information insofar as the phone number would not be wrong and the recipient availableIf this were the case, the recipient would be billed for delivery costs.

11.5Orders indicating a PO box address cannot be taken into account and processed.

11.6In the absence of the recipient or of a person who can take possession of the products upon delivery, and to the extent that he will have access to the recipient's mailbox, the carrier will file a calling card to re-schedule a second and last attemptIn the context of delivery by courier, in the event of the recipient's absence or inability to contact him, the products will be returned to the nearest store and will not be presented again.

In any case, the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur can not be held responsible for any deterioration of the products due to their late withdrawal from the carrier.

11.7Subject to the limitations listed in these T & Cs, when the delivery delay will be greater than 96 working hours or the delay will cause the products delivered to have at least 2 days of expiration date, the Salon de Thé O 'Coup d'Coeur will have to deliver the customer again and replace the products that are no longer consumableDelivery will be re-scheduled in agreement with the customer as soon as possible

11.8Finally, if the product, under the responsibility of the carrier, has not been delivered, for any other cause related to customs, strikes or damage or any other cause of force majeure as defined by the courts, the sale may then be resolved. and the Customer may obtain a refund of his price to the exclusion of any other compensation or damages.

11.9In the case of an order in Boutique Pick-up, the Customer agrees to come and collect his order at the Boutique le Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur chooses the same day and during the time slot he chooses.
As the products are perishable, the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur cannot keep an order that has been forgotten by the Customer.Any forgotten order cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

11.10 In the case of an order by courier delivery, the Customer undertakes to report any problems in its delivery within 3 days to be delivered again or otherwise benefit from a credit note for a next delivery.Under no circumstances will the customer be reimbursed for his order if he is offered a redelivery solution or a credit note.In addition, any return made must be supported by a photo attesting to the point raised.

11.11 Delivery by courier is carried out within a theoretical window of two hours chosen by the customerThe courier reserves the right, in the event of strikes or exceptional days (Christmas & New Year's Day) to deliver within a time slot of 3 hours before or after the time chosen by the customer.The latter must remain reachable by phone

12.1The Customer must ensure the conformity of the delivery with his orderIn order to be taken into account, any complaint must be made within 3 days of receipt, taking into account the perishable nature of the products.

12.2Complaints should be sent:By post, to the address below:
the O'Coup d'Coeur Tea Room
Internet refunds
Pottery Village
97229 Les Trois Ilets

By email to

12.3In the event of a dispute falling under the responsibility of Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur and justifying a credit or reimbursement of all or part of the order, the Customer will receive a notification by e-mail within 21 days following claim.

13.1The Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur guarantees the Customer that the products are manufactured and packaged according to strict quality rules, and stored in accordance with the standards in force in France.

13.2However, Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur cannot extend its warranty on its products if the Customer has not complied with optimum storage conditions, or if the latter has consumed products beyond the deadline. shelf life indicated on the packaging.

14.1All the elements of the Site (photographs, illustrations, pictograms, and descriptions, logo, brand) are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur.

14.2The reproduction, representation, exploitation, redistribution, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, of the elements of the Site whether they are software, visual or sound, are subject to the express and prior authorization. of the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur, holder of all intellectual property rights.

15.1By ordering via the Site, the Customer consents to the use by the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur of personal data concerning him.These data are necessary to ensure the proper processing of orders.

15.2All of this information is treated with the greatest rigor and the greatest discretion in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations.

15.3In accordance with articles 39 and 40 of the"Informatique et Libertés"law of January 6, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulations, the Customer has the right to access and rectify and delete data concerning him.To exercise this right and obtain communication of information, the Customer can contact the Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur at

Requests are processed within a maximum of one month.

16.1If one of these general conditions should be declared inapplicable or is invalidated for any reason, this invalidity will not affect the application or the validity of the other provisions of the general conditions, that invalidated or deemed inapplicable being then replaced by the provision as close as possible.

17.1Neither the company le Salon de Thé O'Coup d'Coeur, nor the Customer can be held responsible for any non-performance, non-performance or delay in the performance of any of its obligations described in these GTC which would originate from a case of force majeure.

17.2As such, force majeure means any external, unforeseeable and irresistible event within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code.Expressly, are considered as force majeure or fortuitous event, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals:total or partial strikes, employers' strikes, riots, civil unrest, insurgencies, wars, bad weather, epidemics, blockages of means of transport or supply for any reason whatsoever, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, water damage, government or legal restrictions, legal or regulatory changes in forms of marketing, computer failures, blockages telecommunications, including telecommunications networks, any questioning of the mathematical foundations governing the theory of cryptographic algorithms, used for public key infrastructures and any other case beyond the control of the Parties preventing the normal performance of the contract.

18.1These general conditions are governed exclusively by French law.