Savory pleasures

vitrine salée

In our O'Coup d'Coeur lounge, you can treat yourself to sweet dishes but you also have the right to opt for salty! Whether you are an omnivore or a vegetarian, your palate will make an encounter that will please you!


A whole range of increasingly varied sandwiches (classic panini, vegetarian pepper, burger, convict bread, bagels) awaits you in our display.


There are also savory snacks: savory puff with dry ham, tomato mozzarella, salmon, salty pretzels, homemade pizzas, savory pies, savory quiches, fish turnovers, beef empannas, shrimp tortillas , ham, chorizo, vegetarian bruschetta ...

For lunch, choose the meeting of gluttony and balanced food.


A wide choice of salads is available in the form of small bowls as an accompaniment or in large format: Brie mushrooms, Caesar salad, Tuna and pasta salad, Lobster and citrus fruits ...