O'Coup d'Coeur, we offer you the classics of fine French pastry, and original creations which aim to combine classic flavors and products from here in Martinique according to the seasons.s.


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For example Norman pies which vary according to what is available mango, pineapple at the moment it is the end of the mango season and we made Norman Sapotilla pies because it was the sapodilla season.s.

Creations, we always try to come out with new products, original products.


The rossinis are a creation of our pastry chef: the raspberry rossini is a chocolate almond cream and giraumon with a vanilla mousseline and a raspberry chiboust.

benjiforet creoledome au fruit

They can be revisits or inspirations of savory dishes.
It can be the figment of our imagination.
We always try to offer new flavors to discover so that our customers do not get bored.
A rossini is a medallion of beef topped with foie gras.



A revisit of the traditional Martinican robinson cake on the occasion of the internship of an apprentice who was doing his dissertation on Martinican pastry.


tartelettelove cakerocher chocolat blanc

Our philosophy is generosity and home-made, taste and pleasure
We work with fresh products with a delivery of fruit every week, our pasta is made on site in a traditional way.


Pure butter, no margarine. The taste and the culinary experience above all.