The lightning (perfume of your choice)

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A great classic of French pastry, at O'Coup d'Coeur, the lightning comes in several sweet, traditional and original flavors. You can enjoy them at any time of the day!
  • chocolate eclair: choux pastry, dark chocolate pastry cream, dark chocolate icing
  • coffee eclair: choux pastry, coffee custard, coffee icing
  • pistachio eclair: choux pastry, pistachio mousseline, crushed pistachio icing
  • violet eclair: choux pastry, violet mousseline
  • rose flash: choux pastry, rose mousseline
  • Banana lightning: choux pastry, rum pastry cream, fresh banana, whipped cream

Each eclair scent is also available in sweet or custom format for a special desire or an event, you can order now by phone or directly on site.