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To be enjoyed on the go or on the terrace with friends, the O'Coup d'Coeur panini is the great friend of a quick lunch between two activities if the timing is limited!
  • Christmas Special : Provencal herb bread, assorted raw vegetables, barbecue sauce, Christmas ham, fresh pineapple, sliced emmental
  • Ham: bread with Provence herbs, various raw vegetables, white ham, barbecue sauce, sliced emmental
  • Italian: black olive bread, butter, various raw vegetables, raw ham, sliced mozzarella
  • Martiniquais: vegetarian pepper bread, herb sauce, various raw vegetables, cod chiquetai
  • Norwegian: poppy seed bread, herb sauce, lettuce, cucumbers, smoked salmon

For a special desire or for an event, you can order an assortment of panini petit fours by phone or directly on site.